Quick Tile Tips #2, Etched Text

Another neat trick for Quick Tiles is creating an etched text effect. This is available because of the Shadow Text settings you can apply to tiles. To create an etched text effect you need to properly choose the background color, text color, and shadow color. Specifically, you must pick a text color darker than the background color and a shadow color lighter than the background color.

In this tip we will create a some etched text on a blue background. First, set the background color to a fully solid blue color of #3D81EE. Next set the Text Color to a solid dark blue color of #32527A. Finally set the Text Shadow Color to a light blue color of #C3D9FF with 75% opacity. And that’s it, you now have created an etched text effect. *Note All the colors used are quick colors and can selected using the color picker. Here is a screenshot showing the used colors.

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