Quick Tiles Update v1.3

Quick Tiles version 1.3 will soon be in the marketplace. This update adds a lot of new features that will really let you customize your tiles. The main feature additions include:

Background Effects:

Background effects are texture styles that you can apply to a tile background along with the color. This lets you change the background to something a little bit more interesting than the stock solid color backgrounds. There will be more styles added later, but here is what is included in the first batch: Brick, Checkered, Diagonal Lines, Fleur-de-lis, Horizontal Gradient, Mosaic, and Radial Gradient. These styles are all pretty subtle so they add some variety yet don’t clash with the Metro UI design theme.

Command Icons:

An icon set that can be used with the Command tile type. Styling options work much like what is available with text. You can select any color for the icon and have options to set a shadow color as well.

Tile Templates:

As the app is getting built out, a lot of settings are getting added to the interface. This is good in respect to what it lets you customize, but not so good in terms of the time it takes to style everything. Tile templates are a new feature that lets you select from some pre-designed themes. Check out the templates and some screenshots of some home screens with the templates applied.


Some screenshots with uniform themes:

You can get the current version of Quick Tiles in the Windows Phone Marketplace, here.

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